Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Worst crisis since the Great Depression

As a country, our government wants to privatize wealth and socialize debt.

The recent events of the Black Monday has been a work in progress for many years. The de-regulation of the financial industry by our fearless leader George W. Bush has caused detrimental effects on all of us.

600,000 jobs have been lost since January alone. The housing market has absolutely tanked, thousands of families have lost their homes due to foreclosure. Gas prices are at an all-time high, and we are spending $5,000 every second of every single day on a war in Iraq that should never have been waged.

When institutions are deregulated you end up essentially the same as a football game with no referee on the field. It gets dirty and nasty really quick. On Monday September 15th, the stock market lost the most it had since Just after September 11, 2001. Tuesday, September 16 brought the market to it's lowest since the Great Depression.

Today President Bush announced yet more bailouts at the taxpayer's expense. Our government is going to buy the bad debts from the banks - with our tax dollars - experts are saying it could cost us 1 Trillion dollars. Those are tax dollars that need to be sent on our police forces, on our roads and bridges, on our schools, on our social security, on health care.

The reason for the failure is the total abandonment of regulation. The mantra of the Bush administration seems to be "Go ahead, we will look the other way -be greedy, and when you fail we will bail you out".

On Monday, Senator McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. Check out this Wall Street Journal article and tell me how strong it seems. Sounds a lot like the repeated phrase we kept hearing from George W. that "we are not in a recession". Well, Georgie, what in the hell would you call this? Crisis is far to gentle of a word.

Does this scare the hell out o you like it does me? We are literally on the verge of financial collapse. Feel like it is out of your control? The people that have gotten us into this situation were voted into heir positions. People like you and I went into our little booths on the first Tuesday in November and put them into those positions. This has got to stop!!!

McCain has said himself that he doesn't know much about the economy. Is this who you want to pull us out of this mess?

A vote for John McCain will result in the same. He has voted with Bush 90% of the time .

It is time to vote for change - real change.

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