Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Celebrity Candidates

How long ago was it that Senator McCan't (as in McCan't get it up - Who by the way, supports medicare in paying for erectile dysfunction medication, but not birth control.) Oops, strayed off topic.

How long ago was it that Senator McCain was touting Senator Obama as a celebrity candidate with no substance? I seem to remeber a very recent commercial on t.v. likening Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears. If you missed it, here it is

Since McCain announced Governor Palin as his VP running mate, the newstands have exploded with her face plastered all over the "news" stands...

Seriously? Palintology??? They have got to be kidding. The only "ololgy" that woman is interested is in theology. They don't allow science in her world. The interesting thing here is that vaguely, paleontology is the study of fossils - is this an appropriate term to liken to a woman who doesn't believe in evolution?

And last but certainly not least, the Official Sarah Palin action figure ..

Are you kidding me? Parents, please this thing will give your kids nightmares for years. 2 weeks and 4 days ago, Governor Sarah Palin was all but unknown to the world outside of Alaska. 2 1/2 weeks from unknown to action hero. And who, Senator McCain is the celebrity in all of this???

Now, there is a reason that every where we look we see Sarah - the more everyone is talking about Palin, the less time they have to talk about the issues. Have we heard any issues from the McCain camp since she was announced as VP? Do not let the media get in the way of the issues that are important to you as a voter.

Become educated. Do not listen to everything you are told without reading between the lines. Your livelihood, your freedoms, and your lives are at risk here.

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