Sunday, September 7, 2008

How in touch is the McCain ticket with everyday people like you and me?

So Johnny McCan't was caught wearing $400+ shoes. Okay, we can let that one pass. I mean after all, how many pairs of shoes does a man need. Maybe it is his one pair and they will last him several years.

We have all heard the story that he can't remember how many houses he and Cindy own. For most of us working Americans that's easy to answer. One (unless you have been foreclosed on in recent months like the tens of thousands out there!). Yes, the money the McCain's have was from Cindy's family who worked hard for it. It was earned money, I am not disputing that.

Let's look at Cindy's outfit for the opening night of the RNC -

A very well dressed, classy lady, isn't she? Well, that outfit cost well over $300,000!!! Nope, not a miss-print - I said $300k. Let's stop and think for a moment what $300,000 means to real people - working class people like you and me:
- one and a half houses (the national median home price of $206,500)
- a year of Health Care Coverage for 750 people.
- back-to-school supplies and clothes for 500 kids.
- enough gas to drive across the country 543 times.
- 365 round-trip flights from Washington, D.C., to Anchorage, Alaska.
- enough money for three Troopergate investigations.

How in the world can people like that claim that the Obamas are elitist? That statement screams hypocrisy. Now, aside from the hypocrisy - how can people that live that elite, and with that kind of expendable income really be in touch with the American people? There is no way that they can understand the important issues and the struggles that working class America faces every day. 2 days before payday and you are struggling to find the $50 to fill up your gas tank to get to work, while Cindy McCain dons an outfit that costs more than what most of us put on a 30 year mortgage.

Just something to think about. Every single vote makes a difference.
Become educated, and get out and vote Nov 4th.

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