Sunday, September 7, 2008

What they are claiming to do with taxes.

Both of the 2008 presidential candidates are talking about lowering your taxes (aren't they always?)

Lets take a look at what actually would be happening here:

McCain: The average taxpayer in every income group would see a lower tax bill, but high-income taxpayers would benefit more than everyone else.

Obama: High-income taxpayers would pay more in taxes, while everyone else's tax bill would be reduced. Those who benefit the most are in the lowest income groups.

Under John McCain's plan, he would further cut takes on the top of the income levels - those who make over $2.9M would see a further reduction of $269,364, and those who make over $603,000 would see an additional reduction of $45,361.

Those of us who fall into the $38,000-$66,000 bracket (myself included) would see a cut under McCain's plan of $319. Under Obama's plan, that cut nearly triples to $1,042. So McCain isn't lying when he says his plan is to cut taxes, but the tax cuts he is planning on the middle class are nothing compared to the taxes he plans for the richest in the nation. Senator McCain is lying, however, when he says that Barack Obama is going to raise your taxes. Senator Obama will raise taxes on McCain's elitist friends, but I think they can afford it, don't you?

Why did W cut taxes of those who are richest, oh yeah - he wanted their votes. America, it is time for the middle class to take back their lives, and to re-distribute some of the wealth of this once great nation.

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