Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain’s Green Economy: Drill, Baby, Drill

"I will oppose any tax breaks or good deals for the gas and oil industry also."--John McCain at a town hall meeting in Rindge, NH, 11/18/07

When it comes to the environment, John McCain only has the interests of Big Oil at heart. That's why he has over 22 Big Oil lobbyists advising him.

McCain's Big Oil Lobbyists


Name of Lobbyist

Campaign Role

Firm or Company

Oil Clients


Rebecca AndersonWomen for McCain Steering CommitteeWilliams & JensenSunoco


Wayne BermanNational Finance Co-ChairmanOgilvy Government RelationsAmerada Hess Chevron Texaco American Petroleum Institute


Charlie BlackSenior Political AdviserBKSHOccidental Petroleum Corp. Yukos Oil Chinese National Off-Shore Oil Corp.


Carlos Bonilla*Economic AdviserWashington GroupChesapeake Energy


Eric Burgeson**FundraiserBarbour Griffith & RogersBP


Kerry CammackFundraiserCammack and StrongExxon Mobil


Frank DonatelliMcCain Pick as Deputy RNC ChairMcGuire WoodsExxon Mobil Dominion Resources


Melissa EdwardsFundraiserWashington GroupChesapeake Energy


John GreenCongressional LiaisonOgilvy Government RelationsAmerada-Hess Chevon Texaco El Paso Energy American Petroleum Institute


Robert HardingFundraiserGreenberg TraurigChevron Murphy Oil Phillips Petroleum Company***


Richard HohltFundraiserHohlt and AssociatesChevron


James "Jim" HylandFundraiserPennsylvania Avenue GroupBP America Independent Fuel Terminal Operators Assoc. Occidental Petroleum Corp. Independent Fuel Terminal Operators Assoc.


Peter MadiganFundraiserJohnson, Madigan, Peck, Boland & StewartShell Oil


Susan MolinariWomen for McCain Steering CommitteeWashington GroupChesapeake Energy


Jack OliverFundraiserBryan Cave StrategiesShell Oil


Nancy PfotenhauerAdviserKoch IndustriesKoch Industries


Steve PhillipsFundraiserDLA PiperBP America Occidental Petroleum


Elise PickeringWomen for McCain Steering CommitteeMehlman Vogel CastagnettiKoch Industries


Sloan RappoportFundraiserDowney McGrath GroupKoch Industries


Matt SalmonFundraiserGreenberg TraurigEl Paso Energy


Randy ScheunemannDefense and Foreign Policy CoordinatorScheunemann and AssociatesBP Amoco


Jeffrey WeissFundraiserBKSHYukos Oil Company

[Source: Senate Lobbying Disclosure Database]

That's why he favored lifting the moratorium on off-shore drilling -- a move that prompted Big Oil to donate over $1 million to his campaign.

According to a Campaign Money Watch analysis of campaign finance data provided by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics Center, John McCain has accepted at least $1,069,854 from the oil and gas industry since 1989. [Source: Center for Responsive Politics via Campaign Money Watch]

The senate will likely be voting next week on these issues. Please call Senator McCain's office in Washington (202-224-2235), and tell him to stop siding with Big Oil and start supporting clean energy.

Check out some of the articles below to learn more about the raging battle between sustainability and Big Oil

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With all of this information, does it really look like it is "Country First"? I think it is McCain First, and whose future is at stake here? Yours and mine. Check out his record for yourself - then vote for your future.

Repower America - visit to help the oil crisis.

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