Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I am voting for Obama

Recently someone asked me why I am voting for Obama. Here is what I told her:

I am looking towards the future of my family, myself and, someday, my children's children.

This country is in a downward spiral. I do not know one single person that can honestly say they are better off today that they were before Bush took office. As a Senator John McCain voted with Bush 91% of the time. (He also only showed up to vote less than 40% of the time - in other words that would be like you or I calling in sick more than 3 days a week, every week.) Obama showed up for his job and voted 98% of the time as a Senator.

The economy is in a horrible place. We are in a recession that Bush claims we aren't in. We are spending Billions of dollars in Iraq when we are already in debt as a country.
John McCain doesn't have a plan to with draw our troops - Obama does.

We are too dependent on oil. Our country consumes 25% of the worlds supply and produces only 3%. John McCain's answer is to drill. We have already as a world reached our peak oil production (Meaning we have already used more than what is left.) Obama wants to develop renewable resources, thus lessening our dependence on oil and creating jobs in the meantime.

John McCain wants you to pay taxes on the healthcare that your employer provides, increasing your income taxes and giving your employer a tax break. Obama wants national Healthcare that is affordable for everyone.

John McCain has 9 houses and 13 cars. I don't think he understands what you or I go through to put gas in our tanks and food on our tables. Obama and his wife - one house and one car between them.

McCain claims Obama will raise your taxes. Not true. Obama's plan raises taxes on the people that make over $250 million a year. You and I will see tax cuts along with 95% of the rest of us every day people.

John McCain's staff consists of lobbyists from big oil and the banking industry. The very people who will profit from his plan of cutting taxes for the wealthy while leaving the rest of still scraping by.

I am voting for Obama, and supporting his campaign because I am ready for change!

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