Monday, October 6, 2008

Fact check the McCain-Palin lies vs. the truth

Long List of Lies

Obama Will Raise Your Taxes

ACTUALLY : Obama's tax plan lowers taxes for almost all of the middle class – McCain is assuming Obama will repeal his own tax cuts once in office.

"Thanks, but no thanks" (repeated 36++ times)

ACTUALLY : Palin supported the Bridge, then opposed it, and kept the money for a bridge that won't be built.

McCain refuses special interest money

ACTUALLY : McCain takes millions from big oil and foreign military contractors – and his campaign is run by lobbyists -

Sarah Palin commands the Alaskan National Guard

ACTUALLY : Sarah Palin has next to no authority to command the National Guard -

McCain never asks for pork

ACTUALLY : Arizona keeps getting pork via McCain's influence. -

Obama agrees that the economy is fundamentally strong

ACTUALLY : Obama disagrees with McCain's foolish claim. - CNN PoliticalTicker

Alaska Produces 20% of US Energy

ACTUALLY : Alaska produces just 3.5%. Neither fact means Palin is qualified. -

McCain's Campaign has no Connections to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

ACTUALLY : John McCain flat lied – his lead campaign adviser Rick Davis took checks from Freddie Mac until August 2008. - NY Times

Obama will Tax Electricity

ACTUALLY : Obama said he supported taxing dirty fuel like coal to pay for clean energy like wind and solar. -

Palin Rejected $500 million Earmarks

ACTUALLY : Palin pushed for federal earmarks as both Mayor and Governor. - MSNBC and The Washington Post and TPM

Obama is 'mum' on the economic crisis

ACTUALLY : Obama has offered a variety of proposals, but held off on a full bill because he didn't want to play politics with the economic crisis. -

Obama Supports Kindergarten Sex Ed

ACTUALLY : The bill (which never passed) supported warning Kindergarteners about the danger of sexual abuse. -

Obama voted against funding troops

ACTUALLY : Obama backed funding at least 10 times, while McCain has flip-flopped on Iraq funding. -

Palin sold the Govnr's jet on EBay

ACTUALLY : In a political stunt, Palin put the jet on eBay for much less than its worth – and it didn't sell. - The Washington Post

Obama gave big oil millions in subsidies

ACTUALLY : This claim has no basis – Obama subsidized alternative energies and taxed oil companies. -

Palin took on big oil

ACTUALLY : Palin only disagreed on where to place one pipeline, otherwise she supports ANWR drilling and other disastrous policies. -

Obama Killed Immigration reform

ACTUALLY : Obama voted for bipartisan immigration reform bills, while McCain decided he would vote against his own immigration bill- hardly a step forward for reform. - The Washington Post

Palin visited troops in Iraq

ACTUALLY : Palin grandstanded on a US base in Kuwait, but never quite made it over to Iraq. - The Boston Globe

McCain Tried to Reform Freddie and Frannie

ACTUALLY : McCain only showed his support for a report on Fannie/Freddie corruption – and his campaign aides lobbied for both, working for deregulation. - The New York Times and DKos

Obama wants to increase government size by 23%

ACTUALLY : McCain invented this figure from faulty assumptions and misstatements. -

Obama opposes the electric car

ACTUALLY : Obama backs clean energy, he said 'no' to McCain's ineffective free-market solutions to the energy crisis. -

Obama is advised by the former CEO of Freddie Mac

ACTUALLY : Obama only spoke with the Freddie head once, on the phone. John McCain's campaign adviser was taking checks from Freddie until August '08. -

Obama wants to bomb Pakistan

ACTUALLY : Obama merely supported taking action against Osama bin Laden when the US knows where he is, using special forces troops. - The New Republic

McCain supports a 'bipartisanship' in the bailout

ACTUALLY : McCain has openly blamed Democrats for the economic collapse, and Obama for the bailout bill's failure in Congress. - Talking Points Memo

Obama opposes all free trade

ACTUALLY : just a plain lie – Obama supports free-trade with significant protections for workers and the environment. -

Obama asked for a million $ a day in pork

ACTUALLY : Fuzzy math. -

"23,000 People at our rallies"

ACTUALLY : No one knows where this number came from. It appears to be a fabrication. - Bloomberg Agrees with Us

ACTUALLY : disagrees, particularly about this lie. -

Palin Fired Trooper for Performance Reasons

ACTUALLY : Palin's story keeps changing, lying about her previous lies. - ABC News

Obama thinks Iran isn't a serious threat

ACTUALLY : Obama supports aggressive diplomacy with Iran – this is a vicious misquoting. -

"McCain invented the Blackberry"

ACTUALLY : McCain voted against the law making the Blackberry and similar devices possible. Give Al Gore his cliché back. - Think Progress

Obama is part of the corrupt Chicago establishment

ACTUALLY : McCain's assertions make mountains out of molehills. -

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A list of 106 McCain-Palin lies

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