Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain flip flopping - AGAIN

John McCain came out saying the new president won't have time to get comfortable in the White House and won't have time to brush up on the issues. This president has issues here and now that need to be addressed.

Yes, John. There are issues that will need to be addressed. Like the crumbling economy. The staggering unemployment rates. Families loosing their homes. American families are struggling to survive. So then, John, why did you delay the presentation of your economic plan slated for Monday until Tuesday????

"McCain delayed announcing new proposals until Tuesday, and he used a speech in Virginia Beach to offer a gloomy assessment of the country's financial status, present himself as the tested leader ready to address problems, and to separate himself from the policies of President Bush." Remember, McCain voted with President Bush 91% of the time - 8 years of policies and deregulation (which McCain has publicly supported) has gotten America where it is today. John McCain = 4 more years of the Same.


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