Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are you sure you are registered to vote?

Has your name or address changed since you last voted? Is this your first time voting? Did you recently get married or divorced?

Be prepared to show proper identification when you arrive at your polling place. Laws differ by state and county - for the most part a Drivers license with current name and address will suffice for identification. Be prepared with a current utility bill in your name and current address, just in case. See your County website for laws that pertain to you (Anoka County, Minnesota )

If you have not updated your driver's license since the change - your best and easiest bet is to apply NOW. Your yellow receipt will do. Many DMV's will be open late on election day, but if you show up at 7:30 pm without proper ID, there may not be enough time to gather your credentials.

We need to be sure every vote counts!!!

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