Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama imposes strict rules on lobbyists

Obama imposes strict rules on lobbyists

President Barack Obama has imposed strict new rules on lobbyists in his White House administration and banned any gifts from lobbyists to his staff.

"However long we are keepers of the public trust, we should never forget that we are here as public servants, and public service is a privilege," Obama said ahead of the swearing-in of the White House staff.

"It's not about advancing yourself, it's not about advancing your friends or your corporate clients. It's not about advancing an ideological agenda or the special interests of any organisation," he added.

Therefore "as of today, lobbyists will be subject to stricter limits than under any other administration in history," the new president said.

"And there will be a ban on gifts by lobbyists to anyone serving in the administration as well."

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