Tuesday, December 2, 2008

End voter registration problems. Demand reform.

It's been a long election season, hasn't it? And now that we've chosen our next President, it's tempting to forget all about elections and go back to our routines.

But before we do that, let's think ahead.

We may have seen record turnout at the polls this year, but all the while, eligible voters across the country were disenfranchised because their voter registrations were purged from the rolls, clerical errors, or worse, weren't even processed in time.

Some didn't know they were required to re-register after a move, or they missed registration deadlines they hadn’t even known about.

American voters deserve better, and the first and most important step our government can take is to implement automatic and permanent voter registration.

Join me in telling our leaders it's time to make voter registration universal.

Automatic, permanent registration will provide a simple upgrade to our voting systems without creating big and expensive new bureaucracies. It's secure, it's accurate, it's modern and it will make sure every American is automatically registered to vote when they become eligible. And after that, the registration will last a lifetime.

Automatic voter registration won't fix everything, but it's an important first step towards ensuring that every eligible vote is cast and counted in 2012 and beyond.

Tell Congress we need automatic and permanent voter registration now! We can't wait until the next election comes around. http://www.nationalcampaignforfairelections.org/page/s/autoregis

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